Bug Fixes and Persistence Updates

With almost as many ways to pick up, interact with, and store items as there are mutants on the island, nailing down inventory and item persistence has been one of our biggest tasks and our main focus. We know how important it is to be able to return to your bases and access inventory so we’ve been devoting all our attention to ensuring everything is where you left it. 

This week, with the help of our testers, we hopefully nabbed the last of the bugs and worked out the final edge cases making sure that your stuff stays where you put it after you log out. 

We also fixed a crash that would occur when moving attachments around in your inventory.  While we were at it, we fixed double clicking on equippable items in a bank, worked out issues with items that were put into containers from the ground, and a whole host of inventory storage bugs. 

Gathering loot isn’t much fun if some of it disappears when you log out. You can now stroll down the beach, finding loot along the way and then cramming your base full of goodies. It will (at least it should) still be there waiting for you whenever you travel to Lahaina.

With container and inventory persistence worked out there’s never been a better time to stuff your warchests with building materials. Unfortunately, our testers ran into some trouble harvesting wood using certain tools. We fixed those bugs and players should find the sawtoothed axe and shark-toothed pan to be good options for chopping down trees and gathering wood again.

Some of you have reported problems with totems and we fixed many of those bugs. We adjusted the energy requirements for totems, fixed a bug where they would disappear after a server restart and made it impossible to build a totem underwater. 

Lastly this week we fixed a bug with rotting head throwing Trophy Collectors. Avoiding the clouds of poison gas the putrid heads make when they land is already hard enough. 

With some help from the community, we learned that a few overzealous Collectors were tossing them two at a time. We fixed the problem so our missile throwing mutants are playing by their disgusting rules once again.

You can learn more about the game and get all the latest updates by going to our Discord server or checking out our Steam page.