How to integrate the Nu-U booth in your facility

Congratulations, Kokua Wellness Center and Spa! Your facility now belongs to one of the most exclusive clubs in the world. Your business, and a handful like them, are responsible for 80% of all Nuuskin procedures world-wide. As a reward for your tireless dedication to promoting the Nuuskin brand and impeccable standards, we have provided you with the most powerful marketing tool ever devised, the Nu-U modeling booth.

2 years in the making, the Nu-U booth allows those unsure about taking that important step of becoming the best they can be, a chance to see how various treatments can unlock their visual potential before going through an actual procedure.

The Nu-U booth harnesses the latest in cutting-edge Phxicom 3D display technology, allowing your customers to visualize the difference our procedure can create. Having an uncannily accurate full-body model allows a potential customer to try out a number of looks to find that perfect version on themselves. The best way to sell a Nuuskin treatment is to show a client what they could see in the mirror every morning.

Our beauty technicians and trend specialists have designed a modeling system second to none. Using the mathematics of beauty in conjunction with the symmetry of the golden ratio, we create a model that is measurably perfect. In addition, we integrate current and trending beauty and style movements to tailor a customer’s look to their region. When combined, it is quite simply the most powerful and proven potential beauty system ever created, but don’t take our word for it.

Pamela Chapman is a long-time customer at our flagship spa in New York who was stuck in a rut. Pamela had been receiving the same Nuuskin treatments every month for almost two years. While the procedures were wonderful with amazing results, she wanted something new but needed some reassurance that a different look was right for her. She says the Nu-U booth gave her the confidence and inspiration she had been looking for.

“Unfortunately my hair would often become less than perfect in a strong wind, and freckles would appear around my nose if I was in the sun too long. It was mortifying! With the help and support of my friends I lived with these flaws for 41 years until the Nuuskin spa opened. It was amazing but I couldn’t help but wonder if it could be even more amazing. I thought I was happy with my appearance and life, but then they installed the Nu-U booth. I saw myself with: sea green eyes, flawless skin, Auburn #28 hair with Blonde #8 highlights, and earlobes that were 1.5mm smaller. It was an eye opener! Best of all I finally convinced my husband to come down and see the possibilities. Now we pick each other’s new look every month. It’s like we’re newlyweds again!”

We believe in the old adage that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. For those clients who continue to have a hard time deciding on their perfect look, we are offering our “Look Like Layla” promotion. Layla Kalani may be retired from competition but her beauty has not faded. She dominated the waves for almost 25 years and has starred in many blockbuster movies, but now your clients can experience what it’s like to be the face of Womanimal themselves. Working with Ms. Kalani, our technicians have ensured that we haven’t missed a thing. Hair, nose, lips, bronze skin, and her trademarked eyes will all be perfectly replicated for, and licensed to, your clients. Indistinguishable from the queen of the surf, they’ll enjoy 30 days of looking like a celebrity. Only their voice and DNA will give them away.

Like the Nuuskin procedure itself, we suggest that you make the Nu-U booth available to your most discerning and financially capable clients only. This piece of technology is to help customers better decide on the perfect look, and convince those on the fence that the procedure is right for them, not for the rank and file to play dress-up. We are providing you with a Nu-U technician who will offer support and training for your staff for the next 60 days. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the Nuuskin brand. Together, with the help of this technology, we’ll make the world a more beautiful place.