Explosions Reported at Veilcorp Luau

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Multiple reports have been coming in over the past hour that there has been an explosion at the annual Veilcorp ‘Innovators Luau’. First responders confirm that numerous people have been injured, many of them critically. They will not confirm or deny that there have been any deaths so far. Sources inside emergency services say that at least 30 people have been taking to area hospitals for treatment with many more suffering minor injuries.

Current estimates put around 300 in attendance at the Luau this morning South of Black Rock Beach. We can confirm that all area first responders have been called in as well as all reservists. Police have cordoned off the area.

There were many who were more seriously injured as well. Witnesses say that multiple Hawaii Life Flight helicopters have departed with emergency patients. We’re told that those flights are taking victims to the Molokai General Hospital, Queen’s Medical Center, and the Straub Medical Center in Honolulu. Sources say that these are the closest facilities able to handle multiple severe traumas and traumatic head injuries.

The cause of the explosions remains unknown with numerous conflicting reports coming in. At first we were hearing that a tank malfunction under a grill was the cause of the incident. Now we’ve had multiple reports that a catering vehicle which had been parked near the food area exploded. Officials on scene have not been able to verify either story. What seems clear at this point is that early reports of gunfire appear to be false. The Lahaina Advertiser has been unable to find any credible source for the earlier claims.

A full list of the injured has not been released as of yet but there is some speculation about the company’s founder and his family. Eric Oeming, his wife Tracy, and his daughter Alohi are usually present for the event but their current location remains unknown. Oeming nor Veilcorp have yet to put out an official statement. We have had a handful of reports that the family was among the group getting food during the explosion.

Numerous calls to Veilcorp have gone unanswered or provided little additional information at this point. We understand that some outlets are reporting that Department of Homeland Security agents have been spotted on scene marking the incident as a possible terrorist attack. The DHS office and the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency have as yet made no comment on their possible involvement.

We will be updating this story as soon as we have any new information. Police are asking the public to please avoid calling 911 if you are inquiring about the status of a friend or loved one. They will be opening an emergency line soon and we will provide that number as soon as its active. If you saw something or have personal information about the incident this morning please let us know.