Legal Notice For Anyone Who Had Identical Twins or Triplets After Veil Travel

Attention Anyone Who Has Traveled Using Velicorp Technology and Experienced a Multiple Birth. Your Rights May Have Been Violated.

For many, the birth of a child is a time of celebration. A milestone moment that harkens a new chapter of growth, and happiness in a family. In fact, some cultures believe that individuals are not truly adults until they have brought a child into the world. However, that joy and pride can quickly fade with the burden of identical twins or triplets. Medical costs for twins can be up to 70% more than a single birth. Triplets can rocket those costs even higher, with charges topping $400,000 in some cases. Recently released documents show that Veilcorp may be responsible for an unprecedented rise in multiple births.

In the past 4 years, the worldwide rate of twin births has jumped around 75%. The rate of triplets is even higher, with 120% more triplets being born in 2040 than 2036. While these increases could be partially attributed to the rise of fertility treatments, and advanced age in mothers, when the data focuses on Veilcorp travelers alone, the numbers are striking. Pregnant women using Veilcorp technology are five times more likely to give birth to identical twins, and fifteen times more likely to produce identical triplets. If you or a family member traveled using Veilcorp technology anytime after January 5th, 2037 and experienced a multiple birth, the law offices of Suter, Stine, Burn,& Partners (SSB&P) is interested in talking to you. You may qualify to join a proposed class action suit. Please contact SSB&P for a FREE case evaluation.

The Long Lasting Effects of Multiple Births

The hardships multiple births can place on new parents are real and many. Caring for a single newborn is daunting enough, but being responsible for twins or triplets can seem almost impossible. Parents of multiples commonly experience: mood swings, fatigue, anxiety, depression, nervous feelings about the future, problems with memory and concentration, hallucinations, a burning sensation in their limbs, fatigue, dizziness, nausea, heart palpitation, diaper weariness, double vision, restless sleep, night terrors, dry mouth, and hair loss. Unlike their single baby contemporaries, the parents of multiples are faced with many unique problems such as:

  1. Lifestyle Hardship – While it is easy enough to place a single infant in a baby carrier, traditional solutions are incapable of holding 2 or more children at the same time. Strollers are equally discouraging, with models designed for multiples being overly cumbersome for practical use. With so few reasonable options available, many parents are forced to remain virtually trapped in their homes for years, missing dinners, parties, and other social events.
  2. Economic Hardship – While it is true that more children means more food and diapers, there are a number of other costs that often go unrecognized. Many siblings can count on hand-me-downs from older brothers or sisters, but not multiples. Parents of twins or triplets soon find themselves with rooms full of discarded baby devices and equipment, with little chance of reuse. Reselling this equipment is hardly worth the time and effort. It is common for outgrown clothing and equipment to overtake whole rooms, wasting valuable space and eliminating man-caves, reading rooms, and gaming areas alike.
  3. Educational Opportunities – With the growing cost of education, and the dearth of good public learning institutions, it is hard to properly support a child through his or her educational journey. Unexpectedly having multiple children can make higher learning economically impossible. Many parents are forced to choose a child from the bunch that they believe has the best chance to succeed, and adjust college savings accounts appropriately. Many multiples must rely on grants and crushing loan debt to receive a proper education. Choosing a child “most likely to succeed” can lead to numerous family problems such as resentment, anger, and regret.
  4. Loss of Individuality – Having similar names, being dressed in the same clothing, and reaching milestones together, multiples routinely lack the strong sense of individualism that other children cultivate. While speaking a secret language known only to themselves may seem “cute”, it is not part of any college entrance exam, and does not help while interviewing for a job. Science remains undecided on the long-lasting effects of this remarkably strong bond, and blurred identity, but the real world social ramifications are clear. Having a identical duplicate is often perceived as “creepy” or “unnatural” and is often portrayed in negative ways in books and movies. This distrust from others can have crippling consequences to those dependent on sharing an identity.

How Does Veil Travel Lead To Multiple Births?

Veil Travel has become one of the most popular methods of transportation across the world because it offers a quick and convenient alternative to other modes of travel. However, the safety of this technology has been called into question with recently released internal documents showing that Veilcorp officials knew that veil travel has an effect on cellular processes. It is theorized that some unknown action during the veiling process is encouraging the growth of monozygotic multiple births, by over-stimulating egg division in expectant mothers.

It Sounds Like the Science Is Unsettled. Should I Wait for a Definitive Answer?

You wait for dinner at a restaurant, and for a game to load, not for the future of your family! Cases like this are settled out of court all the time. Without being listed as a formal complainant, you will not be eligible for any compensation. When someone asks you if you’d like to be part of a class action suit, you say “Yes!”

If you or a loved one suffered from an unexpected multiple pregnancy after using veil technology, and experienced any of the issues listed above, or fear you will, you may qualify to be part of a class action lawsuit. If you qualify, an attorney will contact you to discuss the details of your potential case at no charge to you.

Please Note: If you want to participate in this investigation, it is imperative that you reply to the law firm if they call or email you. Failing to do so may result in getting dropped from the suit, and forcing you to raise at least two children on your own. It is highly likely that Veilcorp is responsible for your multiple children. Shouldn’t they have to help you support them?