Let Fractured Hearts Find The Perfect Survival Companion For You

Fractured Hearts is the leading matching service in Lahaina for lonely survivors, Thrivers, Kanaka, or the recently restored. We’ll help you not only find the person right for you, but live long enough to form a lasting relationship. Fractured Hearts’ trained skill assessors and love specialists will score you on 35 points of survival skills and personal traits, to find the perfect companion for you. With clients as far away as Nakalele point, Fractured Hearts is the best way for singles to find a friend and increase their chance of survival. Whether you’re looking for a lasting Lahaina love, a casual crafting partner, or just a friend to guard the perimeter of your heart, for a reasonable monthly charge of 20 rai, we will find someone for you!

Love and relationships were among the biggest casualties of the fracture. Along with governments, and society on the whole, the world of dating was never the same. Many singles still focus on day-to-day concerns like food, water, and shelter, ignoring the need for companionship. However, studies have consistently shown that positive relationships have numerous benefits including: reduction in stress, finding potable water, dealing with adversity, higher pain tolerance, spotting dangers in the forest, and longer life expectancy. We believe that having a loving companion in a post fracture world isn’t just a luxury; It’s a necessity! Isn’t it time you stop surviving and start thriving? Let our Fractured Hearts program make the most of your love life by finding you a companion you can count on when things turn grim.

Who We Are:
Launched in April of 2116, Fractured Hearts has become a pioneer in survival based relationship services, working with all major groups and Houses in the West Maui area. We assess romantic and survival opportunities, allowing singles to find someone who can help them survive the dangers of Lahaina in a loving way. Having founded the island’s premiere institute of learning, the Lahaina College of Love and Literacy, we have almost 65 years experience handling the hearts of Lahaina. Over the years, we’ve learned more about what people want, and the skills they need to make it, than any other institution in the world. We’ll help you survive relationships and the dangers of life with the help of a special friend.

What We Do:
Our goal is simple: we want you to survive the dangers of Lahaina with the kind of relationship that not only please your heart, but compliments your skill set. Not to toot our own horn, but we’re pretty good at it. Every month, we hear from dozens of successful couples from all over the island sharing stories of survival, sending wedding invitations, and announcing the birth of new Houses. We’ve become so successful that you probably already know someone who’s found a companion with Fractured Hearts.

How It Works:
At Fractured Hearts we believe in tough love. It has been our experience that most people are terrible at self assessments, so we do it for you. Our trained skill assessors and love specialists run clients through a number of skill tests and social interactions, to compile an objective profile reflecting 35 love and survival criteria. We understand that the ability to make a fire and fight off a wolf attack are just as important as honesty and a sense of humor for our clients. By matching you with someone who shares your unique personality traits and complimentary survival skills, you can safeguard not only your figurative, but your literal heart as well. To help ensure the safety of our community, every client is screened for radiation, disease, and mutation before they are accepted to the program. But don’t worry! Being found to be …extra special… will just open up a new world of romance with others similarly afflicted.

Can It Work For Me?
We believe everyone deserves love, and a good chance of living a long life. There are many ways to love, but our system is the best way to meet, court, and protect the well-being of that new special person in your life. If you are ready to share a piece of your heart and a cut of your rations, Fractured Hearts is right for you. The course of love has never ran smoothly until now. We can help you find a partner to build a unified team, able to take on whatever life, love, or an angry nightmarcher can throw at you. When all seems lost remember, Fractured Hearts and love can help you find a way.