Protests Shutdown Veilcorp Facilities Nationwide

Three Veilcorp facilities closed today due to a number of organized protests across the country.

While dozens of smaller protests have sprung up at various company buildings, protests in Detroit, Seattle, and Lahaina have been exceptionally large. So far the demonstrations have been peaceful and officials have urged restraint on both sides due to the long history of violent protests involving Veilcorp. Company officials have halted operations at these facilities out of safety concerns.

Gateway technology has been hotly debated for several years but last year’s signing of The Gateway Travel Accord has led to numerous protests that have become increasingly violent. Radical environmental groups like Gaia Guard have broken into and vandalized a number of Veilcorp facilities in recent years and the watchdog group VeilWatch remains a staunch opponent, claiming the company has a long history of “pay-to-play” activities. Today’s protests appear to be organized by a collection of trade organizations and unions. They are by far the largest and most well organized to date.

Police and emergency services are monitoring the protests and say they hope everyone will act responsibly. The President has promised to “hold both sides accountable for their actions should things get out of hand.”

“Today marks the 177th anniversary of the formation of The Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen. The BLET was created to combat robber barons and corrupt politicians. In 1946 the union shutdown the railroads and forced the government to address the people’s concerns. Those concerns were more important than corporate profits and political favors. They made their government acknowledge wrongs and made them make things right. Becoming part of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters in 2004 renewed that commitment to protecting hard-working people. With the help of our brothers and sisters in the Association of Flight Attendants we are following their lead and taking a stand here today. We will come out on the right side of history and force Veilcorp to right their wrongs,” reads a statement released by activists.

Veilcorp spokeswoman Lisa Hunt responded in part, “Veilcorp has broken no laws, and we take environmental concerns very seriously. Whenever there is a giant leap in technology there will be a period of adjustment needed before employers and lawmakers catch up to the new reality. We are working hard with both to ensure a bright future for all. We disagree with many of the statements made by these radicals but agree that they will be remembered by history. Just like their 19th century forefathers, these 21st century luddites will be remembered for being too stuck in the past to move forward with the rest of civilization. We humbly suggest that the order of sky waitresses return their trays to a locked and upright position and step out of their tube of recycled ideas through the nearest emergency exit. They, along with their steam-drunk friends, have gone off the rails. Veil travel is here to stay. It’s fast, safe, and there’s no need for seat belt demonstrations. You just walk through into the future.”