Reality Machine wants to sell your products

You are receiving this message because your business has been identified as a potential partner for an exciting new promotion with Veilcorp’s most successful spin-off, Reality Machine.

You already know how groundbreaking our technology is. Reality Machine has long been the industry standard in remote commerce. Our proven track record and quality products speak for themselves. Voted one of the most important inventions in modern history, our RMII models took the world by storm. Our remote vending machines offer companies the ability to sell products in more locations, at a lower cost than ever before.

By now you’ve heard the buzz about the speed and capabilities of our new RMIII line. The rumors are true. It’s internal recycler is faster and larger. Its materials printer is capable of creating almost anything given the proper resources. This version has so many upgrades that it would take pages to list them all. What it doesn’t have is you. That’s why we asked for help from the team at Veilad. They have been recognized by numerous organizations as one of the most innovative and fastest growing in the industry.

That’s right! The minds that brought you two of the most successful ad campaigns in history are joining our team. Their corporate sponsored animal campaign was hailed as one of the most important conservation programs in history. Due to its amazing success, the wild cheetah was almost saved from extinction. Billions of people worldwide can still watch the Duracave herd of elephants in their natural habitat thanks to their sponsorship initiative, but that’s not all.

Never content to rest on their laurels, Veilad created a way to display ads while you’re traveling through the veil. Their gateway program remains the most successful ad campaign ever created, generating over $10 billion dollars in revenue and reaching over a billion people so far this year. If you think that’s good, just wait until you hear what they’re planning next.

Veilad wants to help you and Reality Machine come together by offering unique branding opportunities. Every thriving business knows how important branding is. Consumer studies have shown one thing consistently over the years, branding adds perceived value to products. When presented with two identical products people choose the branded product as the most valuable even when they are unfamiliar with the brand. It is that perceived value that we plan on capturing with your help.

By agreeing to add your brand to the generic items already produced by the Reality Machine line, you can expand your reach at no additional cost, and allow us to raise the value of our crafted products. Imagine coupling the reach, convenience, and prestige of the Reality Machine brand with the recognition of your already established products. Best of all, Reality Machine does all the work. Avoid the headache of manufacturing and distributing your wares by letting us take care of it for you. Our machines are more than capable of creating products that meet your high standards, and your name brand recognition would allow us to charge a premium price.

We are even offering a preferred partnership program with a select group of interested businesses. We will work with your design team to craft logos and create tailored marketing campaigns to launch exclusive lines of products. Our research shows that consumers would be happy to pay an additional 10% on any item they felt was made exclusively for our vending machines. Let’s put different labels on things, and leverage our perceived values together. Your bottom line will thank you! Just contact our sales and marketing department and we’ll start designing our future together.