Sergeant Kaua Hosts Year End Weapon Expo

For over 20 years Sergeant Kaua’s War Academy has been Lahaina’s premiere institute for the study of the combat arts. The Sgt. has taught hundreds how to shoot, strike, and stab their way out of danger. His prowess, temper, and battle cry are legendary across the island. This Friday, those who wish to learn the deadly art of combat, buy a tool of protection, or sell a valued family heirloom for food, are in luck. The Sgt. will be hosting his much anticipated annual year end weapon expo in Pu’u. If you’re looking to upgrade your arsenal, or just protect yourself better in the new year, the expo has something for you!

Today’s customers want much more than just a place to buy some ammo and talk about the dangers of Green Ladies. They want a total combat experience, with staff and vendors they can trust, and that’s what they’ll find.

Hunters, trackers, Thrivers, collectors, Kanaka, and club enthusiasts will have over a dozen tables filled with every kind of weapon and weapon accessory imaginable. Rifles, shotguns, and side-arms? Of course. Knives, swords, pahoa blades, and machetes? You bet. Bows, ihe spears, and ma’a slings? Sure do. Newa clubs, koa axes, and other traditional tools of battle? You already know the answer. If it shoots, stabs, slices, pokes, prods, impacts, or bludgeons, you can find it at the year end expo.

General-interest exhibits will include wildlife and island art, woodwork, and jewelry. Many different Houses and collector organizations will be present to buy, sell, or trade. Sergeant Kaua’s weapon expo is island wide in scope, drawing exhibitors and spectators from across Maui. The public is invited to bring their weapons for a free appraisal. If you are thinking of upgrading your protection collection, there’s no better place, and no better time.

The show will also feature a number of celebrity guests and free workshops. You will have the opportunity to meet Auntie Oki, master of Leiomano weaponry. This combat artist really knows how to give your weapon some teeth. Oki will show off a number of her unique creations and discuss the art of embedding teeth, tusks,and antlers into your favorite club to give it a little more oomph. She will discuss her specialized tooth grading scale, the types of teeth you might want to avoid, and her philosophy of bloodthirsty beauty. In addition, Oki will be unveiling her new line of shark-toothed cookware, sure to be a hit with with anyone who has to cook in the open field.

That’s not all! Two Kanaka masters of the ancient art of Kapu Kuialua will be onsite to answer your questions and give unarmed combat tips. These professional arm breakers will demonstrate basic holds and throws that are simple enough for any beginner. Watch these instruments of destruction demonstrate how they’ve turned their fists and legs into living weapons. They will share tips on when, and where to punch, as well as the three best oils to cover your body with before a grappling match. You won’t want to miss a minute of their knowledge.

Of course the Sgt. himself has plenty to teach. This year he will be hosting two improvised weapon workshops. Did you know that the vast majority of attacks happen by surprise? Even if you can shoot the antenna off a shrig at 100 yards, if you’re caught off guard, chances are you won’t have time to load your gun. That’s where improvised weapons come in. The Sgt. will demonstrate how a properly folded towel and a couple cans of Manimal can be a literal life saver. He’ll show you how to crack skulls with a boot filled with sand, how deep a broken plate can cut, and the 12 deadliest everyday objects found in most outposts. You’ll always be safe if you know the how to turn anything into an instrument of war.

There’s all this, and much more at Sergeant Kaua’s Annual Year End Weapon Expo. If it can be used to drop your enemies or reinforce your outpost, you can find it here.
You must be the age of majority, be accompanied by a parent or guardian, or express an authentic desire to kill your enemies to enter the show and/or handle a weapon.