Map & LD

Update beaches with dioramas. Update world map with new tile tech

Gameplay Improvements

Construction system updates. UI/UX fixes.

AI Improvements

Fix AI bugs

Tech Updates

Performance improvements. Steam friends. Construction refactor. Truesky update. Teleport refactor

Art Improvements

Metal construction pieces

Tech Improvements

Onboarding. Stats & analytics. Steam Friends. Persistence improvements. Update Trusky

Gameplay Improvements

Complete construction system. Combat balance. Bug fixes. UI/UX improvements. Onboarding

Tech Updates

Stats & Analytics. Performance improvements. Steam Friends

Player communication. Character customization and system design.

AI grouping. Threat system improvements.

Crash Reporter. Performance improvements. Prep for FF launch.

Default settings configured. Player communication. Crash reporter

MAY 2020

Game Improvements

Construction system improvements. Totem Improvements. UI/UX Improvements. Map & Minimap updates. Drone Fixes. Combat improvements.

APRIL 2020

Map & LD

Add signs, bus stops & update roads. Update world map with new tile tech

AI Improvements

AI clipping and bugs