• Sergeant Kaua Hosts Year End Weapon Expo
    For over 20 years Sergeant Kaua’s War Academy has been Lahaina’s premiere institute for the study of the combat arts. The Sgt. has taught hundreds how to shoot, strike, and […]
  • Merchants Association Offers Bounty On Gaia Guard Members
    I had planned on thanking you all for turning out last night at the unveiling of our ethnobotanical garden. I was going to explain to you all how important the […]
  • Let Fractured Hearts Find The Perfect Survival Companion For You
    Fractured Hearts is the leading matching service in Lahaina for lonely survivors, Thrivers, Kanaka, or the recently restored. We’ll help you not only find the person right for you, but […]
  • SSB&P Seeks Motivated and Desperate Applicants To Fill Positions Immediately
    Since 1975, Suter, Stine, Burn & Partners (SSB&P) has developed a regional and national presence serving a diverse client base with advice and legal counsel. Since the fracturing of the […]
  • The Hidden Manimal Mine of Maui Lou
    The tunnels, lava tubes, and storage facilities beneath Lahaina have long been popular places for those with an adventurous spirit to explore. Finding supplies and weapons can be very lucrative […]
  • Hugh The Hunter Part I
    There are many legends on the island and many mysterious events everyday, but one of the most recent is the appearance of strangers dressed in the clothing of the old. […]
  • Hugh The Hunter Part II
    She says the world ended, that the veils fractured and almost everything is gone. She’s in my head. She tells me her name is Saraphim but I can’t remember mine. […]
  • Lahaina Merchants Association Reopens Public Kalua Pits
    For the past 10 years you’ve counted on the Lahaina Merchants Association’s public roasting pits to provide a safe and convenient place to cook large meals for your friends and […]
  • The Lost Submarines of Simon Kai
    Living on an island and being so connected to the water, it is no surprise that so many Kanaka legends focus on boats and the sea. We are taught how […]
  • The Kanaka Guide To Green Ladies
    The Fracture didn’t just destroy much of the old world, it produced a number of new problems for we Kānaka to overcome. Many animals grew large and angry. Water and […]
  • The Green Lady of Keali’i Gulch
    According to Kānaka legend, there used to be a large farm near Keali’i Gulch. Hana farm was well-known in the area for a number of reasons. It was one of […]
  • How The Augustinian Cliffs Got Their Name
    The Kanaka have many sacred areas and revered places on the island, but a few stand out from the others. The Augustinian Cliffs are one such place. Sitting in the […]
  • The History of the Lahaina Tunnels
    In many ways modern Lahaina is a land of contradictions. First-time visitors are often stunned by the natural beauty of the lush valleys and colorful fish of the reefs. The […]
  • Make Lahaina Beautiful Again!
    As President of the Lahaina Merchants Association, I’d like to thank my fellow sellers and citizens for making the past year our best and brightest so far. Our Fall initiatives […]
  • Da Kine Air Services Will be In Your Area, Bid For an Appointment Now!
    Over 60 years ago my grandfather Buddy began Da Kine Air to serve all of your ventilation and air conditioning needs. Through hard work and professional service Buddy turned Da […]
  • The History of the Kapu Kuialua Dojo
    There are a handful of buildings that survived the devastation of the great fracture. Many like the radio tower, serve as landmarks and offer a reminder of the past. Others […]
  • The Office of Travel brochures and manuals
    The fracture destroyed large swathes of land and a majority of the population, but it wasn’t just lives that were lost. Many of the systems and constructs of society were […]
  • The Lahaina Merchants Association’s Roadmap for the future
    For over almost 20 years I’ve proudly led this group. When I started, many of us were selling scrounged tools and cans of food in dark alleys. Under my leadership […]
  • How the King Tides and the Night Marchers Are Connected
    There is no doubt that the fracture changed life as we know it. The collapse of governments, the destruction of buildings in the explosions, and the sickness and famine it […]
  • I Expect A Prompt Response
    To whom it may concern, My name is Gloria Barnaby and I am outraged at what passes for customer service at your company! As a retired school teacher living on […]
  • Lilinoe and Clever Kopono
    The Kānaka’s relationship with technology is a complex one. While they accept the need for science and machinery, most consider the fracture to be a direct result of an unhealthy […]
  • The History of the Regulators Part III
    I’ve been highlighting the Regulators and it’s most important members this week. There have been a number of groups that shaped Lahaina after the fracture, but there’s no doubt that […]
  • The History of the Regulators Part II
    There have been a number of groups and individuals who have impacted the day to day lives of survivors on the island. Few have had as big of an impact […]
  • The Legend of “The Lucky Dodge Hotel”
    There is no shortage of mysterious legends and strange places in Lahaina. Whether it’s a cryptic Hailoha driver patrolling Front Street, a mountain top ghost ship, or an eccentric survivor […]
  • The History of the Regulators Part I
    There have been a number of groups and individuals who have helped make the island livable since the fracture. From science fair kids joining forces with a dance troupe, to […]
  • The “Tappers” and what to do if you meet them
    Lots of groups had a hand in rebuilding Lahaina and turning parts of it into the paradise it is today after the Veils fractured. Not many of those groups survived. […]
  • The Legend of Veilcorp’s Building FF
    We Kanaka are known for our easy going lifestyle, and taking time to enjoy what nature has provided, but there is one thing we take seriously, our stories. We have […]
  • Pana and the Lahaina Armory
    The Kanaka believe that everyone is given the same two things when they are born. The world gives you a purpose and your ancestors give you a special skill. As […]