Veilcorp Failure Causes Mass Evacuation

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources along with Federal officials have called for a shutdown of a Veilcorp facility working on 127 “Unbiseptium” synthesis. A containment breach early today destroyed acres of crops and led to the mass evacuation of thousands.

According to Veilcorp officials, the containment failure only lasted a few seconds. Acres of corn were destroyed in that short time and several surrounding towns have been evacuated. No casualties have been reported.

This is already the third such breach from a 127 synthesis plant since the beginning of the year, leading many to call for a moratorium on such research.

University of Michigan physics professor and Fields Medal winner Dr. Eric Oeming say Unbiseptium may be the key to sustainable clean power. “We need to understand that this is a very new technology so mistakes will be made. However, I believe the lives saved and the knowledge gained from studying this element far outweigh the occasional destruction of some corn.”

Tim Durney of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources disagrees. “What we’re seeing here is that we clearly don’t have a handle on this. If what Veilcorp says is true, a short release of these particles can destroy everything in a half-mile radius. It is a miracle that nobody was killed. We have no idea what the long term effects might be. Until we do, we should end this research,” he said.