Losers Fly. Veil today!

Spend 20 minutes in line for a spot in front of a bag check-in terminal. Spend 10 minutes waiting for the bag drop. Walk 20 minutes to Security and spend 15 minutes in the security line (if you’re lucky! ) Have TSA ogle you in the nudiescanners. Walk to the gate. Wait for the flight to take off. Board (15 minutes of class warfare) and fly for five hours to Maui. Grab your bags, you know, if they’ve arrived with you. Trash the little ticket they drop in your bags when they grope your underpants, collect a car and then drive an hour+ get to to Lahaina.

Or….register with us, walk through your local veil (bags in hand!) and flick instantly to beautiful Lahaina! When Veiling, the longest line you’ll wait in is the one you’ll wait in for your Blue Hawaiian at Fredy’s beach bar! And Fredy? He’s pretty fast nowadays!