What is VeilWatch?

From the About Page:

VeilWatch is a multi-national organization dedicated to freedom and the accountability of Veilcorp. It was founded by Tim Durney in 2035.

Veil watch specializes in obtaining, analyzing, and disseminating documents and materials pertaining to government collusion and the illegal activities of Veilcorp. To date we have released over 4 million documents and reports.

We have secure lines of communication to hundreds of media companies around the world and thousands of vetted private citizens. This distributed approach has let VeilWatch stand up to the legal and political pressures that other such groups have not.

We are funded by private donations and have a flawless security record in regards to individual privacy and anonymity.

It is our mission to peel back the curtain on Veilcorp crimes and shine a light on the government corruption that has allowed its cancerous growth. We have a long way to go, but we believe the best weapon against tyranny is knowledge and transparency.

Please visit our contact page to find out how to donate or learn about our vetting process.