Crafting Updates and Bug Fixes

Everyone likes crafting gear in a survival game and our players are no different. After listening to some suggestions about item quality and the speed it takes to make some gear by hand we decided to introduce a valuable tool in the crafting system, a crafting bench. 

The bench will unlock higher tiered items like guns and ammo and makes general crafting faster. We’re also planning for it to improve the quality of the items you make with it compared to items made by hand in the future.

While our heads were focused on gear we made a few improvements to weapon attachments. We fixed a bug with inventory attachments not freeing their slot when removed from the inventory, and some issues with persistence. It’s never been easier to add a silencer to your favorite gun and shoot at the neighbors from behind a tree.

We worked out a few kinks in everyone’s favorite way to quickly travel across the map too. Taking the zipline can not only save you time but it can help avoid some of the most dangerous areas on the way to the safe zone. We made sure equipped items are now unequipped when you get on to avoid getting stuck in the air and removed a few trees that would literally leave you hanging.

As always our testers kept us on our toes with bug reports and suggestions. This week we fixed a problem with totems “stealing” items and putting them in a hidden energy slot, an issue with players getting stuck if they died while loading into the game, and a bug with canteens not assigning water slots properly when filling up from water containers. 

We also made some changes to the Trophy Collector’s poison clouds damaging buildings, and a bug with bed health not displaying properly. A good night’s sleep is important especially after an apocalypse, and now players don’t have to worry about getting an accurate read on the quality of their mattress.

You can learn more about the game and get all the latest updates by going to our Discord server or checking out our Steam page.