Dev Updates

  • May Development Update and New Content
    Aloha Thrivers! We’re back with another update and are happy to share that this month we made some customization improvements based on your feedback, added some new vendors, and made […]
  • April Development Update and New Content
    Aloha Thrivers! Spring is in the air and we’re hard at work helping the flowers and mutants bloom across the island. We’ve spent a lot of hours on playtests and […]
  • Weapon Updates and Bug Fixes
    Our persistence work continued this week making sure that all your stuff sticks around where you left it after you log out to play in the real world again. In […]
  • Crafting Improvements, Bug Fixes, and Persistence Updates
    From the very beginning, we’ve tried to add little touches to the world that remind players of the thriving Lahaina that existed before the Fracture. There’s no doubt that the […]
  • Bug Fixes and Weapon Updates
    They say the best defense is a good offense but sometimes a strategic retreat is the only option if you want to survive the deadly wilds of Lahaina. With some […]
  • Crafting Updates and Bug Fixes
    Everyone likes crafting gear in a survival game and our players are no different. After listening to some suggestions about item quality and the speed it takes to make some […]
  • Bug Fixes and Persistence Updates
    With almost as many ways to pick up, interact with, and store items as there are mutants on the island, nailing down inventory and item persistence has been one of […]
  • Bug Fixes, Crafting and AI Updates
    We made several adjustments to a wide variety of systems to kick off the new year. After gathering your feedback and crunching the numbers we changed the amount of time […]
  • Inventory and AI Improvements
    We say it all the time but player feedback is hugely important to our development process. Many of our decisions and designs are guided with the help of our testers […]
  • Siege and Inventory Improvements
    The feedback we gather during our test sessions is invaluable to us and vital to our development process. It helps us uncover bugs and figure out what systems need tweaking. […]
  • Bug Fixes, Gun and Inventory Improvements
    Our playtest sessions are the best way for us to hear directly from our community, but not the only way (see #suggestions in our discord). However, since players have our […]
  • Melee, Looting, and Totem Improvements
    This week we’re continuing to make improvements based on player feedback and finished work on a handful of systems to make gameplay more fun. First thing on our list was […]
  • Smelters, Fixes, and Persistence Updates
    Input from our community is an invaluable part of our development process. We rely on our players to not only help find bugs and figure out what isn’t working but […]
  • AI, Vendor, and Crafting Updates
    We’ve said this before, but we really want to hear from our community. To prove it, this week we spent a lot of dev time fixing bugs found in our […]
  • Vendors, Crafting, and Inventory Updates
    There’s been a vendor without any inventory parked in the Thorcon Power Plant for a while now, just watching testers come and go.  Over the past few weeks we made […]
  • Mine and River Updates
    During the playtest, a lucky few might discover a new mine on the island. Along with the Thorcon basement, the sewers, and the cave complex, the mine will offer those brave enough […]
  • Choose Your Own Barricade
    While we’ve spent a lot of time thinking of ways to encourage people to play together, this week we’ve come up with a few ways to keep them apart. We’ve […]
  • Expanding the Neighborhood
    For all of the #builders in our community, we’re happy to report that we’re continuing to make improvements to our construction system. A number of you suggested we add stairs […]
  • Roadside Attractions
    The end of our systems update is in sight and we know how eager many of you are to get in the game. We appreciate your patience! We’ll be handing […]
  • Construction System and Material Updates
    The end of our system updates is right around the corner. In truth, we’ll be testing and building for many months to come but the window allowing us to let […]
  • Beach Improvements and Upgrades
    The end of our refactor is almost here. It’s true that we will be in a state of testing and building for months to come but we are narrowing in […]
  • Caves, Shelters, and Sub-Basements
    It’s taken longer than we expected to get some of our major system updates done and to be honest, once they are finished, the world is still under construction. We’ll […]
  • Weather Upgrades and Improvements
    There’s only a couple of weeks of rebuilding and updating work to be done before we’re ready to hand out keys again. We know that many of you are eager […]
  • Veilstation Upgrades
    We’re still in refactor mode for a few weeks. As a result, we won’t be giving out new beta keys for a little while yet. By focusing on rebuilding game […]
  • Shorelines and Shipwrecks
    We won’t be giving out new beta keys for a few weeks yet because we’re rebuilding game systems to make sure everything is stable and fun. By focusing on UI […]
  • Drone Music and Player Fixes
    We are currently focusing on UI improvements, persistence, and stability while we rebuild game systems in order to provide the best experience possible for all of our new players. While […]
  • Persistence and Spawning Improvements
    We know there are a lot of new people who are excited to jump in the game, but before we welcome you to Lahaina for the first time with a […]
  • Player Fixes and Props
    A big mahalo to all of our awesome testers for helping us make Fractured Veil better! Here’s a list of everything they suggested during last week’s play session that we’ve […]
  • Harvesting Improvements and Tool Updates
    If you want to see your ideas in Fractured Veil head over to our Discord server and go to the #assign-roles channel. We’ll give you a key and get you […]
  • Road Work and Game Fixes
    If you’d like to travel to Lahaina in the year 2120 and test your survival skills while helping us make the game more fun to play we’d love to have […]
  • Safe Zone Updates and Fixes
    If you’d like to travel to Lahaina in the year 2120 and test your survival skills while helping us make the game more fun to play we’d love to have […]
  • Reading the Signs
    Our test sessions are a lot of fun! If you’d like to travel to Lahaina in the year 2120 and try out your survival skills while helping us test the […]
  • Speed Adjustments and Base Upgrades
    If you’d like to try out your survival skills and help us test out the game we’d love to have you join one of our testing sessions. Click the link […]
  • Loot and Danger Zones
    We’d love for you to test your survival skills in our version of West Maui and help us make the game better while fighting the horrors of the jungle. If […]
  • Weapon Paint Overs and Mutant Steering
    Would you like to run around the wilds of Lahaina, build bases, shoot mutants, and help us work out the kinks? We’d love to have you in one of our […]
  • Building Homes At Home
    This week the team spent their time working from home improving homes in the game and the construction system overall. We improved placement rules for all construction pieces and foundation […]
  • The Bridges of Maui County
    A new sprint has started and for the next month we’ll be focusing on performance, usability, and playtest integrations. We’ll also spend some time finishing up the player construction system, […]
  • Stone Walls and Siege Improvements
    With sprint 44 coming to an end this week, we’ve been focusing on nabbing bugs and adding a bit of polish to existing systems. The team has added new upgrade […]
  • Building Better Explosions
    We started the week off by fixing some bugs with the player construction system. We corrected a problem where building foundations could be placed overlapping other existing building objects and […]
  • Wooden Bases and AI Fixes
    We kicked off the week by working on everyone’s favorite thing, loot! The team implemented the spawning of containers with items in them and new loot tables sure to make […]
  • Stone Walls and Clothing Improvements
    Sprint 44 started this week and for the next month we will be updating the map, finishing up a few art issues, and fixing bugs in preparation for our first […]
  • The Right Tool For The Job
    Sprint 43 comes to an end this week and we’re busy adding some polish to a few items, finishing up some design work on our player construction system, and nabbing […]
  • Wood, Walls, and Weapons
    We added lots of new player animations this week covering all the busy work you might find yourself doing after the collapse of civilization. Crafting, starting a fire, setting a […]
  • Phantom Totems and Ocean Fires
    We continued our progress on our siege system this week with some major improvements. We smoothed out some problems with spawn points and AI pathing to ensure that the mutant […]
  • Base Boxes and Siege Improvements
    This is the first full week of sprint 43 and we have a lot planned. The big items on our list are improvements to our player construction system, diorama updates […]
  • Setting Up A Siege
    This week the team made numerous AI improvements, worked on the siege system, and added many performance bot updates. We made some adjustments to the AI’s FOV and aggro distance […]
  • Map Updates and UI Improvements
    Many of us have been traveling over the holidays visiting friends and family but between unwrapping presents and ushering in the New Year we’ve still managed to get some work […]
  • Homes and Hazards for the Holidays
    With the holidays fast approaching the team was focused this week on fixing bugs and finishing up projects before leaving and joining the great travel queue wherever they call home. […]
  • Posters, Rivers, and Trick Shots
    A new sprint started this week and for the next 30 days we’ll be focusing on updating the map, creating bots for testing, AI sieging, and fixing persistence. We also […]
  • Swimming Improvements and AI Steering
    Despite some of us still fighting off the lingering effects of a turkey coma, we got right back where we left off this week working on AI steering, tackling bugs, […]
  • Bring on the Bots
    The team continued the bug hunt this week focusing on fixing several combat-related issues. We nabbed a problem with hit indicators only showing up when hitting a headshot and fixed […]
  • Mutant Movements and Hunting Bugs
    This week marks the beginning of sprint 41. Over the next month, we’ll be focused on creating testing bots, fixing persistence, and working through a hefty backlog of bugs preparing […]
  • Mutant Grunts and Other Audio Improvements
    Sprint 40 comes to an end this week and the team is wrapping up new systems, adding some polish, and nabbing bugs as they arise. Much of our time has […]
  • Steering Creatures In the Right Direction
    We continued our work on AI steering this week, making sure our beasts and terrors move more naturally while chasing players and avoiding those straight-line paths that make them too […]
  • Teaching Wolves To Run
    This week we continued our progress on the player building system and made some big additions. We fixed rotation snap points for floors and foundations so walls will always face […]
  • Respawning Rooms and Thatch Buildings
    This is the first full week of sprint 40 and we will be working on finishing our investor trailer, improving the drone and performance, making another audio pass across the […]
  • Building Bases and Tearing Them Down
    We’re wrapping up sprint 39 this week and the team is busy fixing last-minute bugs and adding a bit of polish to existing systems while we finish editing our game […]
  • Torch Tricks and Construction Sounds
    We spent a lot of time this week fine tuning our player construction system and fixing bugs. The team worked through some issues with construction persistence not loading health values […]
  • Buildings, Bugs, and Boxes
    We continued to make improvements to the new player construction system this week. Nothing strengthens the bonds of a team like base building. It’s great to have a place to […]
  • Drone Flying Lessons
    This week marks the beginning of sprint 39 and we have a lot planned. Our goals for the next 30 days include finishing the game trailer, adding posters and other […]
  • Opening Doors and Shooting Buildings
    Work continued this week on our player construction system. We cleaned up some collision issues so the panels of your dream apocalypse bungalow can go in smoothly, without any gaps […]
  • Raising Roofs
    We continued work on our building system this week, adding different textures to represent different types of building materials and fixing any collision problems. We’ve worked out a recycling system […]
  • Audio Improvements and Breaking Windows
    We started the week by making a big audio pass over a wide variety of game interactions and systems. There are new sounds for menu navigation, eating fruit, meat, and […]
  • Building a Building System
    This is the first full week of Sprint 38 and we have a lot of big features coming in the next 30 days. In addition to finishing our game trailer, […]
  • Gunfire and Floating Mutants
    Sprint 37 is coming to an end and we’re busy adding a bit of polish to the island, squashing bugs as they appear, and finishing up our game trailer. We […]
  • Setting the Scenery
    This week the team is finishing up our game trailer and adding a bit of polish to several systems before we start sharing the fruits of our labor to a […]
  • Rivers, Creeks, and Streams
    This week the team remained focused on filming our trailer and improving some of our automated systems. We’ve added many personal touches to the numerous ruins that dot the landscape […]
  • Decorating Disaster
    We’ve continued to add some polish to the drone and procedural building system this week ahead of putting together our game trailer. We’ve added more controls to the drone for […]
  • Building Broken Neighborhoods
    We just started a new sprint, and in addition to adding a few more features to our drones and automated systems, the team is focusing on designing a construction system […]
  • Thunder, Lightning, and Elevators
    With sprint 36 coming to an end, everyone is fixing bugs as they appear and wrapping up new systems. We’ve fixed an issue causing environmental decals to be drawn on […]
  • There’s a Mutant on the Roof
    The Team continued work on AI improvements this week, and we ran into an interesting bug during one of our play sessions. While running around testing out some of the […]
  • Creating a Pack Mentality
    The team has been focused on AI improvements and has made quite a few this week. We want the animals in Fractured Veil to act as naturally as possible, and […]
  • Building a Safe Zone
    A new sprint started this week and we’ll be focusing on finishing up a few systems that didn’t quite get finished from the previous sprint, more drone improvements, audio support […]
  • The Sounds of Survival
    It’s the last week of the current sprint, and we’re working hard finishing up goals and adding a bit of polish to current systems. We’ve fixed a bug that was […]
  • Floating Fences and GPU Giveaways
    The team spent a good portion of the extended holiday weekend fixing bugs and smoothing out systems in the game. We cleared the ziplines so players won’t get stuck in […]
  • Blazing Trails
    This week we made some headway on improving craftable items. We’ve added color-coded outlines to items based on their quality, and an item’s durability now scales with its quality. We […]
  • The Cannibals Are Coming
    This week the team made some improvements to our cannibal mutants. An important part of the ecosystem, the cannibals help keep the landscape clean of player bodies. Without their bone […]
  • Tower Updates and UI Improvements
    We’ve kept our ears to the grindstone this week and have added a ton of new audio in the game. We’ve added new sounds for jumping, and harvesting, as well […]
  • Having “The Talk” With the Drones
    As we approach the end of sprint 34 the team continues making audio updates. We’ve added new tree falling sounds, audio support to doors in the game’s social hub, the […]
  • Sounds Like a Drone
    This week the team made a number of player improvements. We are almost done with our pass through updating the player health system. We still have UI work to do, […]
  • Building a Better Bob and Handing Out Beta Keys
    The team is in the middle of a huge audio and lighting pass. We’ve made some improvements to torch and campfire lighting and we’ve added slightly darker borders around crosshairs […]
  • Polish and Performance Improvements
    Sprint 34 began this week and like the previous sprint, we will be spending a lot of the next 30 days focusing on polishing up current features, and hunting down […]
  • Character Customization and Thudding Clubs
    The team is finishing up our big optimization and performance push, and moving into character customization work this week. Our first step was to introduce a female player model to […]
  • Performance Improvements and Weapon Noises
    As we approach the weekend, we’re wrapping up our huge optimization and performance push. The landscape is still undergoing changes as we work on our new distributed foliage system. The […]
  • Bringing Back The Noise
    Our drone work continued this week, while we add that last bit of polish to the autonomous cameras that fly around Lahaina filming the action. In addition to smoothing out […]
  • Working on the Drone and Slicing the SSHAM
    The first full week of Sprint 33 is wrapping up and we have a lot planned for the next 30 days. We’ll be focusing on: polishing up current systems and […]
  • Performance Improvements and Completing Packages
    This week the team remains focused on performance improvements across the board, and work on tools and systems to make the game experience as smooth and engaging as possible. First, […]
  • Power Plant Makeover
    The team is making some improvements to the various ruins across the entire map. We’re regenerating every structure made with our procedural building tool to add a new automated furniture […]
  • Foliage and Food Fights
    This is the first full week of sprint 32 and we have a lot planned for the next 30 days. Our main focus will be finishing up player persistence and […]
  • Building Better Group AI
    As the week winds down we’re completing work on a few items from the game’s fictional companies. Soon the map will be littered with branded items that remind players of […]
  • Drone Fixes and New Animations
    To start out the week the team made a few campfire improvements. Everyone knows how busy a House leader can be running through the jungle, and keeping their members alive […]
  • Building a Better Jungle
    The team continued work on our autonomous eyes-in-the-skies this week, and made some great progress. The drones now have fuel and refueling logic. Sometime soon they will occasionally need to […]
  • Drone Tracking and Lighting Improvements
    We’ve continued our road work this week, improving the roads most traveled and connecting hidden trails. Using the existing network of Lahaina streets as a guideline, we want to ensure […]
  • Lighting the Sky and Chopping Down Trees
    We’re well into sprint 31, and there is a lot planned. This sprint will focus on: Harvesting improvements, finishing up crafting tier 4 (including new ore resources and resource refining), […]
  • Contests and Camera Drones
    The team finished up a lot of drone work, and made a bunch of improvements to the autonomous cameras that record the game action high above Lahaina. We’ve added improved […]
  • Building Better Roads
    As the week and sprint 30 come to an end, we looked at a number of decals and concept art for the Thorcon Power Plant and the surrounding areas. As […]
  • Spears, Clubs, and Drones
    Between parties, presents, and cups of cheer we’ve been working away at completing our sprint 30 goals, and have made some great improvements. The ingame drones in particular got a […]
  • Creating a Social Hub For the Holidays
    Sprint 30 has just begun, but this is the last full week before the holidays, and all the travel they bring. Here’s a look at what we’ve accomplished so far, […]
  • Building a Mutant Chain of Command
    This week marked the end of the old sprint and the beginning of the new. The teams pushed to finish up some last minute details, and start on their new […]
  • Drone Improvements and Weapon Upgrades
    Sprint 29 is coming to an end this week, and we’re finishing up a number of improvements to our drones. Our goal is have a number of autonomous eyes in […]
  • Resource and Animal Management
    Still fighting off turkey hangovers, and the colds you always get at group events, we dug back in this week where we left off before the holiday. A lot of […]
  • Environmental Work and Lighting the Dark Places
    It’s Thanksgiving week, and that means for many of us our heads are filled with thoughts of delicious food, and being trapped in conversations with those weird relatives you only […]
  • Graphics Card Giveaway and Weapon Fixes
    The team is busy decorating the interior of the Thorcon Power Plant this week to get it ready for players, and the holidays. We looked over some concept art again, […]
  • Drone Cameras and Interviews
    This is the first full week of sprint 29 and the team fixed a number of bugs while finishing up some polish work over the weekend. Some of this work […]
  • Building a Social Hub and Hunting Bugs
    Nearing the end of the week and the current sprint, the team is focused on fixing as many bugs as possible, and adding some last minute polish to already existing […]
  • Torches and Teaser Videos
    With sprint 28 wrapping up in a few days, everyone is finishing up goals and hunting down any remaining bugs. Terry continues working through trueSky issues, cooks, and crashes. We’ve […]
  • Meet the Mutants
    The art team has been busy this week stylizing a bunch of items in the game and roughing up buildings. We looked at a number of different flare gun models, […]
  • New Animations and Ranged AI Improvements
    To get the week started, the team added some animation improvements. Players shooting at an enemy on a sloped surface, such as a staircase, look significantly better now. They take […]
  • Painting the Power Plant
    As we approach the end of the week the team completed some lighting work. We’ve put a lot of thought into nighttime lighting in the game. We want to make […]
  • Directing Drones and Seeking Shelter
    As the week gets started the web team continues the front page facelift, and navigation update. Jesse has completed images for all of our social networks, and is working on […]
  • Marketing, Badges, and Bob
    As the week comes to an end, the web team continues to work on our achievement system. Jesse is finishing up some wireframes for Jared to hook up and is […]
  • Slapping on a Fresh Coat of Moss
    The web team started off the week with a bunch of refactoring to help clean things up a bit before continuing work on the achievement system. We have the first […]
  • Banks and Branded Loot
    This week kicked off the beginning of sprint 28. The team was busy finishing up final goals from the last sprint, and fixing any lingering bugs. The main focus of […]
  • Building Decals and Disappearing Skies
    The team has made a number of inventory improvements this week. We have a completely new ui on your inventory screen. Things have been streamlined and rearranged to make better […]
  • Videos and Voices
    To get the week started we had a lengthy conversation about game videos. We have some landscape and test footage, as well as a few bloopers, but we need to […]
  • Upgrades, Updates, and Points of Interest
    As the week comes to an end, the team remains focused on the upgrade to UE 4.20.2, and is making good progress. We’re also upgrading trueSky, to fix some lingering […]
  • Front Page Fixes and AI Improvements
    The web team started off the week by releasing a whole new navigation system on the front page. Everything a visitor needs can be found on our much cleaner left-side […]
  • The Distribution of Loot
    The team is finishing out the week by focusing on a few ui improvements. Currently, it can be hard to see in the heat of battle what items you have […]
  • Grungy Buildings and Ricocheting Bullets
    While Terry kicked off the week poking the monster that is the UE 4.20.2 upgrade and updating trueSKY, the rest of the team was busy switching over audio to Wwise. […]
  • Bigger Buildings and New Mutants
    Sprint 27 is here and in addition to covering a few goals carried over from 26, our biggest tasks are: upgrading to UE 4.20.2, speeding up iteration time, upgrading trueSky […]
  • Time To Go On A Quest
    This week the team started off by circling back to refine and build out a number of player and social features. We’re looking into ways to highlight our affiliate program, […]
  • Opening Doors and Finishing Quests
    As the week nears the end, the team is making a big push to tackle some of our lingering performance issues. We’ve already stripped the entire map of vegetation, and […]
  • Dangerous Canned Goods and Bug Hunting
    With sprint 26 coming to an end this week, the teams are busy adding the finishing touches to a number of tasks, and hunting down some remaining bugs. The web […]
  • Lighting Paths and Cloudy Skies
    The web team continues to dig into the player profile page making improvements, and streamlining the friends and referral process. Jesse put on his research hat this week, and looked […]
  • Casting an Appropriate Level of Light On things
    The team started off the week with some work on smoothing out the flight plan of the Veil News Network (VNN) drone. The game’s eye in the sky broadcasts a […]
  • Finding Friends and Mutant Makeovers
    Since our first type of mutant, the Trophy Hunters, are prowling the forests looking for parts to add to their collections, we decided to give them a little individuality. They […]
  • Ziplines, Buildings, and Bears
    The team made some good progress on streamlining crafting and improving ui this week. We added some improvements to how drag and drop works, highlighting items selected, and fixing a […]
  • Towers, Trails, and Tarnished Buildings
    The team has been putting a lot of work into our creature AI this week. We’re making improvements to both animals and monsters after discovering that we’re having a little […]
  • Building Roads and Aging Buildings
    Sprint 26 kicked off this week, and we’ll be focusing on getting things ready for players with items such as: Improving creature AI, filling in the map, implementing a way […]
  • Staging Ruins and Upgrading Creatures
    With sprint 25 coming to an end today, the team is busy adding a bit of polish, and finishing up goals. While filling in the map, and laying down a […]
  • New Buildings and Dangers
    We made a few audio improvements to compliment all of our recent map work this week. A number of weapons now have improved clicks, twangs, and booms. We’ve added some […]
  • Playing With Friends and Building Neighborhoods
    We kicked the week off with a number of group play improvements and features. We’ve worked out the last of the bugs interfering with the ability to heal others. Splints […]
  • Putting Lahaina on the Map
    The team’s push to make crafting and player inventory improvements continues. We made some improvements to the drag and drop on the crafting screen, and found a bug that was […]
  • Lahaina Loot Boxes
    The team did a lot of inventory and crafting work over the weekend, to make sure the arts and crafts scene in post-fracture Lahaina remains vibrant. They added some ui […]
  • Building Houses and the Roads Most Traveled
    As the end of the week approaches, the team continues to focus on group play features. We’re making a few ui improvements to the inventory to better highlight what items […]
  • Group Play and Gear
    The team kicked the week off focusing on group play, specifically healing other party members. We ran into a few bugs right away. While we finally have medkits in the […]
  • Creature Calls and Putting It All Together
    As the week comes to an end, the team is hard at work making improvements to the crafting system. We discussed adding a few new recipes to the list of […]
  • Maps and Mechanics
    This week marks the beginning of sprint 25, and the team is busy filling in the new map, as well as finishing up some features, and hunting down bugs found […]
  • Filling In the Map
    As we close out sprint 24, the group is busy hunting down bugs, and adding finishing touches. We’ve been having some trouble with the Veil News Network’s (VNN) live broadcast […]
  • Cartography Work and Making Waves
    The team continues to push forward with our map improvements. We’ve stripped everything out, and started from the beginning, using higher resolution open source topography data, to make a higher […]
  • Throwing Things and Headshots
    The team started the week by fixing a number of weapon attachment bugs. Previously, a player trying to use the sights on a weapon felt like they were in a […]
  • Measuring Mountains and Securing Trade
    The web team is working on a few tweaks and improvements to the notification system. We discussed ways to streamline and limit messages to avoid being bombarded with notifications, but […]
  • Mapping the Lay of the Land
    The team is busy making improvements to the group play system, and working out any remaining issues with integrating Houses and Friends in the game. While we want players to […]
  • Erratic Movements and Dancing
    As the first full week of sprint 24 comes to an end, the team continues their work on smoothing out any remaining crafting issues. We’re giving crafting icons some attention […]
  • Loot Drops and Weapon Shops
    We started off Sprint 24 by discussing our third loot drop scenario in the game. The first involves players scrambling to a designated area after a flare goes off, to […]
  • Blue Skies and Beach Roads
    The Team continued their work on adding new design features, and talking through the crafting process. We’re updating a few icons to give players a good visual representation of what […]
  • Buildings, Boxes, and Birds
    As we begin the final week of Sprint 23, everyone is busy finishing up projects, and hunting down bugs. The web team has upgraded to the latest versions of Webpack […]
  • Lighting the Night and Making a Perfect Wave
    After the holiday weekend, the art team started off the week with a bunch of environmental and audio improvements across Lahaina. We’ve added new sounds to a number of our […]
  • Blue Skies and Deep Mines
    To wrap up the week, we’re making some minor adjustments to the Veil News Network (VNN) drone camera. Showing off major structures, and points of interest in real time inside […]
  • Updating Sights and Sounds
    The team started the week off doing some audio work in various locations around the map. We’ve made some improvements to the sounds of the jungle, and are working towards […]
  • Performance Improvements and Cloudy Days
    To finish out the week, the web team is completing performance improvements on the web page. Jared has made some caching improvements, images have been optimized across the page, and […]
  • Hunting Bugs and Bouncing Clubs
    We made a lot of progress on team ui, and a team page over the weekend. Jesse showed off some wireframes, and we talked over some potential user flow issues […]
  • Drone Improvements and Getting Parties Started
    The end of the week marks the beginning of sprint 23, and the team is busy going down the list of new goals. San added a QR code to the […]
  • Playing Well With Others
    This week marks the end of sprint 22, and the team is busy adding finishing touches and hunting down bugs. We talked over issues with the live VNN feed and […]
  • All Over The Maps
    To finish off the week, the web team is working on a few performance issues, and cleaning up a few bugs that have popped up. They’re focusing on image optimization […]
  • Throwing Machetes and Holding Territory
    This week the team is finishing up our first pass at a crafting system. We’ve fixed some issues we had with crafting timers running too long, or not resetting, so […]
  • The Sound of Combat and Digging Into Designs
    As the week comes to an end, the web team is busy adding final touches, and improvements to our real time Veil News Network (VNN) game camera. Jesse added an […]
  • Arts and Crafts and Loot
    The Veil News Network (VNN) live drone cam is up and running on the front page, giving you a view of what’s happening in real time in the game. We […]
  • Dropping Loot and Making a Nicer Respawn Room
    As the end of the week approaches, San and the web team continue to focus on improving the automated camera drones, and making the live streaming experience as nice as […]
  • Taking a Flying Tour of What’s Left of Lahaina
    We started off the week by getting the team system up and running. Players now have the ability to make groups with their friends, or anyone else who’s up for […]
  • Item Quality and Creating a Channel Lineup
    The web team continued their work on the Veil News Network (VNN) this week. The service designed to provide players almost-real time updates of in-game announcements and events, is coming […]
  • Testing Teams and Gear
    This week marks the end of the old sprint, and the beginning of 22. The teams are busy finishing up some last minute work, fixing bugs, and setting goals. We’re […]
  • Working on the Weather and Group Play
    The web team continued their work on creating the Veil News Network (VNN) this week. Designed to keep players updated with the latest ingame news, and important events, the news […]
  • Lights, Cameras, and Filming the Action
    This is the last full week of sprint 21, and much of the team’s work is focused on rooting out bugs, and adding some finishing touches to what we’ve been […]
  • News Streams and the Roads Most Traveled
    With the Veil News Network (VNN) newsticker working across the front page, the team is focusing on getting a live video system working for specific news events. We have a […]
  • Team Building and Bots
    This week the web team turned their attention to the next step in our Veil News Network (VNN) service, live streaming the news. We’ll be focusing on “Travel and Leisure” […]
  • Building Better Buildings and Body Armor
    As we approach the end of the week, the web team is making good progress on finishing up two projects: The Veil News Network (VNN) newsticker, and a table style […]
  • Survival Tools and Game Packages
    This week the web team continues their ecommerce work. They’re working on improving the look and flow of everything in the Shop section. Jesse showed off a design that has […]
  • Getting Groups Together
    As the week comes to an end, the web team worked on making our ecommerce system better, and adding a few new features. Jared built a cron job to address […]
  • Logging Lahaina and Breaking News
    As we come to the end of sprint 20, the web team remained focused on adding improvements to the Veil News Network (VNN) feature, and squashing bugs. Scrolling across the […]
  • New Animations and News You Can Use
    This week has seen a lot of UI work across many different areas. We’re finishing up some documentation, and adding the ability to drag and drop items in the inventory. […]
  • Newstickers, Grunge, and Greywater
    As we near the end of the week, the web team continues their push to create our real-time, in-game news system the Veil News Network (VNN). We hope to make […]
  • Reporting Crimes and Minting Coins
    The push to create the Veil News Network (VNN), an interactive real-time service that reports on major game events and announcements, continues this week. The news API is collecting more […]
  • Please Do Not Pet The Wildlife
    The web team spent some time fixing bugs that popped up during the Community Page update, and adding a few little improvements. We’ve: added pagination to the Friends section and […]
  • Building the News and Harvesting Resources
    The week started off with the web team smoothing out some layout issues with the Community landing page, and hunting down some bugs. Jesse updated some layouts (mostly on the […]
  • Hold Music and the Cost of Money
    As we near the end of the week, the web team is pushing to complete the last of their work on the Community Page. The push on House customization is […]
  • Combat, Community, and Callouts
    The web team focused on building out the Veil News Network (VNN) system over the weekend. Jared has the news API wired in, so we can sort through game data […]
  • Power Plants and Heads-Up Displays
    The web team is wrapping up the week by chasing down a few remaining bugs, and adding the last touches to House customization. Jared is busy hunting down an issue […]
  • News You Need and Subterranean Safe Spaces
    The first full week of sprint 20 saw the web team finish up preliminary work on customizable House features. Players can now go to their House Settings page to: write […]