Dev Updates

  • Vendors, Crafting, and Inventory Updates
    There’s been a vendor without any inventory parked in the Thorcon Power Plant for a while now, just watching testers come and go.  Over the past few weeks we made […]
  • Mine and River Updates
    During the playtest, a lucky few might discover a new mine on the island. Along with the Thorcon basement, the sewers, and the cave complex, the mine will offer those brave enough […]
  • Choose Your Own Barricade
    While we’ve spent a lot of time thinking of ways to encourage people to play together, this week we’ve come up with a few ways to keep them apart. We’ve […]
  • Expanding the Neighborhood
    For all of the #builders in our community, we’re happy to report that we’re continuing to make improvements to our construction system. A number of you suggested we add stairs […]
  • Roadside Attractions
    The end of our systems update is in sight and we know how eager many of you are to get in the game. We appreciate your patience! We’ll be handing […]
  • Construction System and Material Updates
    The end of our system updates is right around the corner. In truth, we’ll be testing and building for many months to come but the window allowing us to let […]
  • Beach Improvements and Upgrades
    The end of our refactor is almost here. It’s true that we will be in a state of testing and building for months to come but we are narrowing in […]
  • Caves, Shelters, and Sub-Basements
    It’s taken longer than we expected to get some of our major system updates done and to be honest, once they are finished, the world is still under construction. We’ll […]
  • Weather Upgrades and Improvements
    There’s only a couple of weeks of rebuilding and updating work to be done before we’re ready to hand out keys again. We know that many of you are eager […]
  • Veilstation Upgrades
    We’re still in refactor mode for a few weeks. As a result, we won’t be giving out new beta keys for a little while yet. By focusing on rebuilding game […]
  • Shorelines and Shipwrecks
    We won’t be giving out new beta keys for a few weeks yet because we’re rebuilding game systems to make sure everything is stable and fun. By focusing on UI […]
  • Drone Music and Player Fixes
    We are currently focusing on UI improvements, persistence, and stability while we rebuild game systems in order to provide the best experience possible for all of our new players. While […]
  • Persistence and Spawning Improvements
    We know there are a lot of new people who are excited to jump in the game, but before we welcome you to Lahaina for the first time with a […]
  • Player Fixes and Props
    A big mahalo to all of our awesome testers for helping us make Fractured Veil better! Here’s a list of everything they suggested during last week’s play session that we’ve […]
  • Harvesting Improvements and Tool Updates
    If you want to see your ideas in Fractured Veil head over to our Discord server and go to the #assign-roles channel. We’ll give you a key and get you […]
  • Road Work and Game Fixes
    If you’d like to travel to Lahaina in the year 2120 and test your survival skills while helping us make the game more fun to play we’d love to have […]
  • Safe Zone Updates and Fixes
    If you’d like to travel to Lahaina in the year 2120 and test your survival skills while helping us make the game more fun to play we’d love to have […]
  • Reading the Signs
    Our test sessions are a lot of fun! If you’d like to travel to Lahaina in the year 2120 and try out your survival skills while helping us test the […]
  • Speed Adjustments and Base Upgrades
    If you’d like to try out your survival skills and help us test out the game we’d love to have you join one of our testing sessions. Click the link […]
  • Loot and Danger Zones
    We’d love for you to test your survival skills in our version of West Maui and help us make the game better while fighting the horrors of the jungle. If […]
  • Weapon Paint Overs and Mutant Steering
    Would you like to run around the wilds of Lahaina, build bases, shoot mutants, and help us work out the kinks? We’d love to have you in one of our […]
  • Building Homes At Home
    This week the team spent their time working from home improving homes in the game and the construction system overall. We improved placement rules for all construction pieces and foundation […]
  • The Bridges of Maui County
    A new sprint has started and for the next month we’ll be focusing on performance, usability, and playtest integrations. We’ll also spend some time finishing up the player construction system, […]
  • Stone Walls and Siege Improvements
    With sprint 44 coming to an end this week, we’ve been focusing on nabbing bugs and adding a bit of polish to existing systems. The team has added new upgrade […]
  • Building Better Explosions
    We started the week off by fixing some bugs with the player construction system. We corrected a problem where building foundations could be placed overlapping other existing building objects and […]
  • Wooden Bases and AI Fixes
    We kicked off the week by working on everyone’s favorite thing, loot! The team implemented the spawning of containers with items in them and new loot tables sure to make […]
  • Stone Walls and Clothing Improvements
    Sprint 44 started this week and for the next month we will be updating the map, finishing up a few art issues, and fixing bugs in preparation for our first […]
  • The Right Tool For The Job
    Sprint 43 comes to an end this week and we’re busy adding some polish to a few items, finishing up some design work on our player construction system, and nabbing […]