Frequently Asked Questions


What Is Fractured Veil?

Fractured Veil is a multiplayer, persistent game set in the year 2122 on Maui. Beautiful, violent, recivilization. Players will joyfully struggle to survive and rebuild the fractures. Nohona for us all.

Is This A Survival Game?

It’ll feel like it at first, but it’s also a RPG, a horror game, and a mystery, wrapped in an enigma, wrapped in a burrito, ssham added, dipped in batter, deep fried and covered in a Huli-Huli bbq sauce.

Will the Game Be PVP or PVE?

Initially Fractured Veil will be PVP but we plan on having more PVE friendly fractures (see story details, below, for more about what that is) as we move forward.

When Can I Play?

You can’t play quite yet, but we plan on opening up early alpha in the coming months.

Game Details

Will The Game Have Crafting?

Yes. It is pretty basic stuff right now but will become more complex in time.

Will There Be Missions/Quests?

Yes. There are plenty of errands for you to run, jungle horrors to kill, and items for you to collect.

How Does Player Death Work?

When you die your physical body will be rebuilt in one of our Newuskin booths and you will be veiled back into the world like the day you were born; and by that we mean naked.

Can I take screenshots of make videos of Fractured Veil?

Yes! Please feel free to share all of your post apocalyptic Lahaina fun with your friends and family.

“Twitch like there’s no one watching, YouTube like you’ll never be hurt, livecast like there’s nobody listening and game like it’s heaven on earth.” -Ghandi

Is this game region locked?

No, that would be hohono.

What is the Game refund policy?

Uh, currently we don’t have one besides “sounds like you shouldn’t be giving us money yet”. Contact us though if you have a legit beef and want a refund. We’re human.

Who is developing the game?

Paddle Creek Games. A bunch of people mostly in the United States with folks in Seattle, Ann Arbor, Salt Lake City, Minnesota, California, and outside the US in Montreal.


Where is Paddle Creek Games based?

We have offices in Seattle, Salt Lake City, Canada, and California.

Kukakuka (Story)

What Is the Veil?

The veil is the name of the teleportation system that went wrong in the 2050s. Owned and operated by Veilcorp, it was pretty cool for a while there. Until it wasn’t…

What Is A Fracture?

When the veil went bad it stopped taking people from point A to point B and started sending people from world A to world B (And c, and d, and..) Those multiple worlds are called fractures.

What Caused the Veil To Fracture?

Well, maybe you’ll find that out. The pre and post-fracture story tags are revealing.

When Does the Game Take Place?

The game is time locked 100 years in the future, currently 2120.

What Happened In the Intervening 50 Years To Denude the Earth of Billions?

Bad stuff, mostly through the veil from other earths that we were not ready for as a society. Diseases we didn’t know how to deal with, mutations and mutants that we hadn’t experienced in our earth, and more.

Who Am I In the Game?

You are a person being brought back to life from backup. Sadly, your DNA and other identifying information was lost due to a catastrophic data syncing problem following the fracture, as a result of cross dimensional database contamination. See, if you sync a database via the veil as a medium and that veil starts connecting parallel worlds…

Where can I learn more?

We’re touched, there’s so much to read here in the story section.

Technical Questions

System Requirements?

We’re still trying to determine minimum requirements – since our ambitions involve stretching the engine beyond it’s normal limits. Any numbers or recommendations at this point would be speculation. That being said, we’re currently testing on: Quad and Dual core i5 and i7 chips with Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 and AMD Radeon RX 580 and are having a decent time. Please let us know on our discord if you have any problems, or successes, with alternative platforms.

How Do I Know If the Game Has Received An Update?

You can read about what’s coming up on our Devblog.

Contacting Us

How Do I Report Game Errors or Bugs?

You can report bugs on our discord, or go to our contact page to send us a message.

How Do I Contact Customer Support

You can reach out to us on our discord and the contact page. You can even mail us at

How Do I Change My Nickname?

Unfortunately, you can’t right now.

I have a business opportunity…

Let me stop you there. We’re not some gaming mega-corp dripping with NBA201x money. Feel free to use the contact form, but don’t take offense if we don’t reply. Best way to get a reply, is to buy some merch, then we *have* to pay attention to you!

Where Can I Post Comments and See Community Discussions About the Game?

Our discord offers a wide variety of discussion topics and SSHAM recipes.