Da Kine Air Services Will be In Your Area, Bid For an Appointment Now!

Over 60 years ago my grandfather Buddy began Da Kine Air to serve all of your ventilation and air conditioning needs. Through hard work and professional service Buddy turned Da Kine into the premiere HVAC service on the island. When the veils broke we all lost a lot: homes, family and friends, and hope. Buddy fought hard to save as much, and as many survivors as he could. He had some hard times but with the help of a bunch of the old-timers, he pulled through. We didn’t lose Buddy, the business, or Lahaina.

He passed on all his years of knowledge and gratitude to my father George, who many of you know. For the past couple decades George has been working tirelessly to live up to Buddy’s legacy. He has repaired hundreds of cooling units as we make our way around the island. It’s impossible to know how many of you are breathing contaminant free air thanks to his diligent work. That work has been our family’s way of thanking you and doing our part to keep hope alive. It has been an honor and our pleasure to serve you, but time keeps marching on, and nothing lasts forever.

This will be George’s last year working for Da Kine. He will be passing the reins over to me. I believe that I can continue to offer the kind of quality and professional work that you’ve all come to expect, but I will be implementing some important new changes.

Buddy said he could never pay the community back for all their support in his lifetime. My father selflessly carried on that work for the better part of his life as well. Now, I believe Buddy’s debt has been paid in full. I have watched my father circle this island throughout the years providing cool, clean air to anyone who needed it for virtually nothing. That is about to change.

I will continue to keep the same schedule around the island, which would place Da Kine in the Lahaina area in January, but our prices have changed. Unlike my father, I am not interested in cementing a legacy with a disheveled family in tow. I am interested in securing a better future for myself and my crew.

Beginning immediately all of our services will go through a bidding process. Da Kine will offer 3 services a week for 3 months in one area before we move on. These services will be available through an auction process, and will go to the highest bidder. In addition to rai and provisions, we will now also accept other trade goods as payment. Medicines, ammunition, art pieces, jewelry, and other creature comforts will all be considered as good tender.

If you don’t have a lot to offer in the way of items, but have other talents that Da Kine might find useful let us know. We could always use more security, cooks, people with medical training or other more interesting talents. If you’ve always dreamed of giving your mother the cool home she deserves, or your kids clean safe air, a year of service might just make your dreams come true.

In addition to the new bidding process, we have a job rider that lays out how you will house, protect, and feed my crew should you be lucky enough to hire us. I have a number of requirements as well. A complete list will be available for your perusal before bidding but some of the highlights include:

  • We require a Reality Machine II or newer nearby to synthesize parts.
  • I require a room on the top floor of any structure that Da Kine is working on. If at all possible that room will face the ocean.
  • I require all furniture be removed from the rooms and replaced with my own pieces.
  • There shall be no less that 8 clean mugs available to me at all times as well as an assortment of not less than 4 different teas.
  • I require at least one fresh fish or meat dish a day. A selection of fresh fruits (no mangos) and local honey shall be available should I choose to eat breakfast.
  • A warm, not hot, bath shall be offered not more than one hour after work each day. I require a selection of cotton cloths or natural sponges, no brushes. In addition, I will need a clean towel to stand on in a well ventilated area as I prefer to air dry.
  • A story, song, or selected reading will be offered nightly should I have trouble falling asleep…..

I know some of you will find our new policy changes troubling and accuse me of taking advantage of our unique situation. Let me assure you that we will continue to offer the expertise and honest work that you have come to expect from Da Kine. We will not cut corners, and we will not do anything other than our very best to make you happy. I am simply trying to let our prices and lifestyle properly reflect the demand for our work. Some would say you can’t put a price tag on the comfort and safety of your family, but we’re going to try.

Hank Alunu
Da Kine Air Services