Reparre Debuts Next-Gen Spinal Orthotics at Expo

When it comes to durable medical equipment Reparre Biologic may not be the first company that comes to mind. Better known for their customized DNA medicine and tailored stem cell technology, the company is expanding their medical equipment business with a line of cervical collars and hi-tech halos that have made a big splash at this year’s Medical Orthotics Expo in Lahaina. The company says their new state-of-the-art equipment adapts to specific individuals, reducing pain and healing times by as much as 30%.

It is estimated that as many as 25,000 Hawaiians suffer from a serious neck injury each year. These injuries can be quite painful, with long recovery times, lasting many months in some cases. Up until now, patients who suffered such injuries had few options in orthotics, none of which were particularly comfortable.

Shawn Hastings, President of Reparre, says, “The braces and collars available for people suffering from spinal injuries were absolutely archaic. The medical halo hadn’t changed much in almost 100 years. Just think about that. Imagine doctors still advising lobotomies for depression, treating cancer with shark cartilage, or recommending a brand of healthy cigarette? Obviously we’ve come a long way since then, and our new line or spinal and neck orthotics are a giant leap forward for the industry.

Our cervical collars adjust automatically to fit every shape and size of patient, and deliver ultrasonic stimulation therapy, all while relaying medical information in real time to our integrated home monitoring system. Our halo rings are self adjusting saving hours of painful positioning and xrays. In addition, they are able to deliver our customized DNA medicine to specific areas automatically, decreasing recovery times by up to 30%.”

“It’s truly amazing,” says Dr. Dalia Forsythe of the Lahaina Medical Group. “I’ll need to look at the trials more closely, but my initial thoughts are that we’re entering a new era when it comes to the treatment of spinal injuries. They’ve been able to not only save the lives of over a dozen patients suffering from an internal decapitation, an injury where the spine becomes detached from the skull, with a 70% mortality rate, but those patients recovered fully in less than 2 months with no lasting neurological effects. This will profoundly change the lives of hundreds of thousands worldwide every year, and offer many some bit of hope where there was none before. I can’t wait to see some of this equipment in use first hand.”

Despite the excitement in the medical community, a small group have been protesting the expo because of Reparre’s involvement. The company has faced heavy backlash over the past few months after a video, purported to be filmed at a Reparre facility, showed ghastly experiments being conducted on animals. The company has denied the claims, and The Office for Protection from Research Risks (OPRR) has cast doubts on its authenticity.

One of the protesters, Sebastion Malu, leader of the Eternal Cycle Church and former Barraloha instructor at the Kokua Wellness Center says that Reparre is indoctrinating the public into a false narrative, and his group is trying to “pull back the curtain of lies to enlighten humanity.”

“The truth of the matter is that the human body responds best to natural healing, clean water, and sunlight. This convention is all about coming up with ways to convince the public of big pharma’s lies, and to feed the greed of the medical establishment. If you listened to them you’d think it was a miracle that people made it before modern medicine at all. They talk about vaccines, antibiotics, and genetic predispositions, as if a person could be born into sickness on their own without being poisoned by their pharmaceuticals. People in our current form have existed for at least 300,000 years, and luckily we’ve only been subjected to modern “medicine” for the last 2,000. We routinely see things like cancer, anxiety, and autoimmune diseases now, when they never existed in the past.

My experience has taught me that neck injuries, no matter how severe, can be easily treated at home with acupuncture, tonal therapies, and massage. I think most people would be surprised what can be done with a taro leaf compress and liberal use of essential oils. In fact, many types of serious maladies, such as organ failure, can be treated with fresh ocean air and mindful breathing practices. Modern medicine is a business and business is about money. Reparre perfectly sums up this truth. Nothing here respects nature and the wisdom of our ancient forefathers. This is not about healing, this about making people dependent on these hi-tech collars of submission.”